Quality Policy

SM Hair Clinic works in a patient-focused manner by adhering to the principle of independence, impartiality and confidentiality for its guests in every step of the plastic surgery, medical aesthetics and hair transplant & hair treatments services it offers, taking into account patient rights and responsibilities. It prioritizes patient safety, the satisfaction of patients and their relatives above all else, and adopts a scientific-based, unbiased, good professional and technical practice while providing its services.

In order to provide high quality service to its guests, SM Hair Clinic management works in accordance with the criteria determined in line with the wishes of its guests, in accordance with the laws, regulations and professional ethical principles in its field, and attaches importance to knowledge, innovation and human values ​​with its understanding of continuous quality improvement. In order to achieve this, it creates a working environment where teamwork and cooperation is prominent, supports and encourages its employees to become qualified employees by increasing their knowledge and skills. It creates the safest working environment for patients/patient relatives and employees, continuously improves its infrastructure by following technologies by supporting the efficiency, quality and modernity of its services. While providing plastic surgery, medical aesthetics and hair transplant & hair treatments services at international standards, it also informs and supports patients and their relatives and ensures their full participation in these processes. The quality model it applies complies with the ISO 9001/2015 standard and is committed to continuous improvement in quality management in accordance with the standard.

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