Before Hair Transplant

Health problems

Before a hair transplant procedure is performed, you should inform your hair transplant specialist about your health problems and the medications you regularly use. If you have a health problem, do not forget to consult your doctor about the operation and get approval for the hair transplant operation.


If you have received approval from your doctor about your health problem, you should take a break from blood thinners such as Aspirin, which you regularly take 3 days before the hair transplant procedure.

One Day Before the Operation

We recommend that you do not consume alcohol before hair transplantation. We use drugs that will have a local anesthetic effect during the hair transplant operation. You should limit alcohol intake 1-2 days beforehand as there is a danger of interacting with these drugs.

We recommend that you take a break from smoking for a while. Smokers have slower blood flow to the scalp. In addition, the veins can narrow and the growth of the hair we transplant and its healthy development can be prevented. Due to all these reasons, you should not smoke 1-2 days before hair transplantation and 7-10 days after transplantation.

Operation Day

What Should You Wear During the Operation?

Wearing a buttoned shirt or clothes with a wide collar on the day of the operation will make the operation more comfortable.

There should be no contact with the hair transplant area after transplantation. In order to prevent contact with the area, you should wear comfortable clothes that you can take off.

Hair transplantation process takes about 5-6 hours on average. The duration of the procedure varies according to the number of grafts to be transplanted.

We recommend that you choose an outfit that you will be comfortable in on the day of the operation.

Preparation Before Hair Transplantation

You can start the morning of the day we will perform the hair transplant operation with a light breakfast.

You should sleep on the day of the operation and pay attention to your personal hygiene before hair transplantation. You should come to our center rested for hair transplantation.

During the FUE operation

Companions are not accepted during hair transplantation.

We host your companions in our waiting room and allow you to meet after the procedure. During hair transplantation, you should not chew gum, avoid talking too much and not use your phone as much as possible.

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