Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Intermittent breathing of 100% oxygen to patients at high pressures

“Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment” is a kind of medical application based on delivering 100% pure oxygen to the patient, directly or with the help of a mask, in a pressurized environment (higher than 1 atm). It is also an effective treatment for decompression disease, a potential scuba-diving risk. Other cases hyperbaric oxygen treatment is applied; serious infections, air embolism, hard to heal contusions or lesions caused by diabetes and radiation.

The air pressure in treatment chamber is double or triple times than the normal air pressure. Therefore lungs can process more oxygen than normal. While blood circulating this extra oxygen all over the body, it helps fight with bacteria and stimulates stem cell and growing factors in order to support the healing process.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, Why?

Our body tissues need a certain amount of oxygen. When damaged, tissues need more oxygen than normal. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment helps the blood carry more oxygen than average. With the help of scheduled recurring treatments higher oxygen levels are to be preserved even after the compilation of the treatment cycle.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment can be applied for cases like;

  • Severe anemia,
  • Cerebral abscess,
  • Arterial gas embolism,
  • Burn,
  • Hypercapnia,
  • Gangrene,
  • Skin or bone infection causing tissue necrosis,
  • Nonühealing wounds like diabetic foot,
  • Decompression disease,
  • Sudden hearing loss,
  • Sudden vision loss,
  • Radiation injury.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, How?

During the treatment, patient is an a pressurized chamber for 90-120 minutes. With the help of the mask patient breathes 100% oxygen. There are certain breaks where patient removes the mask. The treatment could be delivered as an ambulatory procedure. It is common for the patient to feel aural fullness. This feeling can be eased by yawning or swallowing. The patient should be always awake and active during the session which allows using maximum breathing capacity and also observing the patient along the treatment.

The amount of sessions is defined acording to patient, disease and responsiveness. Hence there is no common answer to “How many hyperbaric chamber treatments will be enough?”

Before Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

A detailed examination before the treatment is a must. Acute or chronic diseases should be assessed accordingly. When the patient is cleared for the treatment a chest X-ray is required to see if there is any risk for the lungs. Any risks present should require further examination and consultation. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment, side effects?

Tympanum barotraumatism is the most common phenomena during the treatment which is caused by lack of adequate amount of air due to increased air pressure. This will disappear in 3-4 days after treatment without any permanent damage. It is less likely to experience sinus, lung and teeth barotraumatism.

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