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Health tourism has been gaining value in recent years in our country and throughout the world, being a very important alternative tourism type.

In recent years, huge leaps have been done in health sector in Turkey. Thanks to several reforms, the quality and efficiency of healthcare system has been improved. Apart from public health services, private health services have been on the rise rapidly. Turkey has the services in European standards, with its modern hospitals, qualified manpower, expert doctors in their fields, technological infrastructure and experience. Turkey is a point of attraction together with its geographical location, health services, qualified and educated man power in the sector, hot springs and natural beauties. Turkey is on the top 10 countries in the world in both historical and cultural richness and development level in health sector. Turkey is the bright star of health tourism with its health facilities using advanced technology and fiscally advantageous.

Apart from these, Turkey follows the developments in aesthetics and facial aesthetics at the same time with the world leaders, even having the lead for developed countries in new technical applications. Turkey is more affordable in aesthetics and plastic surgery than many other countries despite having the same high health standards and quality. Doctors are able to communicate with their patients easily thanks to the friendliness of Turkish people. In addition, foreign patients are welcomed by health consultants who can speak their language. Turkey is a preferred country in aesthetics sector in that service after procedures are better than competition. Especially in last years, there are many successful ventures in health tourism field in Turkey. The state is also supportive of these investments. First of all, this realisation affects the perception of Turkey in the world positively. Even if we look into our own statistics, as SM Hair Clinic Clinic, the fact that we are servicing many patients from Europe, Middle East and Balkans demonstrates this acceleration in health tourism. When location of Turkey, quality service and affordable prices are taken into account, we believe that our country will advance in health tourism more in the future.
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