DHI Hair Transplant

Direct hair transplant application with an implanter pen

Direct Hair Transplantation (DHI) is one of the most preferred transplant methods employed in order to restore male and female hair loss. When delivered by experienced experts DHI provides great results for desired cosmetic look. Incision and transplant happen simultaneously in DHI. This allows less off-site time for extracted Follicular Units (FUs) hence minimized graft loss. The method also makes it possible for denser transplant and this is why DHI offers a natural look after the procedure.

Medical implanting pens called Choi pens are the key to this method. With the help of Choi pens FUs are transplanted into the recipient area at once without separate incisions. This makes the incision and transplant one single operation and increases the patient’s comfort henceforth. DHI; enhances transplant quality, provides more dense and natural result, offers no-shave operation and therefore patients could keep their currently existing hairs on the top. With all these patients return to their daily routines soonest possible.  

DHI Hair Transplant, How?

The procedure starts with the application of local anesthesia to the scalp tissue. After the extraction FUs are to be loaded into implanting pens one by one with utmost care. Critical to the transplant natural hair angles should be preserved while delivering graft placement. Once right angle and direction ensured, graft is transplanted into the recipient area with the help of implanter pen. The diameter of implanter pen is determined by the unique structure of patient’s FUs. Customizing DHI transplant for each patient is paramount like all the other transplant procedures.

DHI Hair Transplant

Who is suitable for DHI Hair Transplant?

Individuals suffering from Male Pattern Hair Loss can receive DHI hair transplant. Male pattern hair loss is basically caused by testosterone making hairs weak. Eventually, it produces prolonged regrowth and falling. DHI works great in order to restore and recover from such conditions.

DHI Hair Transplant

Before DHI Hair Transplant?

The patient should be initially assessed for the procedure. At this stage follicle thickness and depth are also examined. This is important because not all types of hair follicles are convenient for DHI implanter pens.

Patients should stop using blood thinners 1 week before the procedure. For a quality operation patients should avoid consuming caffeine and caffeine derived materials. Hair cosmetics like hair care products, sprays, creams and lotions might affect the quality as well, therefore shall not be used 1 month prior. Stopping smoking will also enhance healing and recovery process.

DHI Hair Transplant

Before DHI Hair Transplant?

Healthier and faster healing comes with a strict compliance with physician’s post-op instructions. The following day after the operation all transplanted grafts are to be checked and if all is fine washing hair is allowed for the second day. Post-op care could differ for every patient. Protection of the surgical area is the most important for successful results. Scarring is barely present and scabbing is minimized in DHI, scabbing will disappear respectively faster. The patient should not interact with those scabbings, natural scabbing removal is preferred.

DHI Hair Transplant Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dhi Method in Hair Transplantation?
DHI hair transplantation is the abbreviation of Direct Hair Implantation terms. It is described as Direct Hair Transplantation in Turkish. In this process, graft collection is performed from the donor area using a medical pen called choi. Then, the resulting pen is placed on the skin where the hair is located. In this application, procedures such as incision and channel opening are not performed on the skin.
Dhi method or FUE method?
The FUE technique is generally preferred when a large area of hair is transplanted. If the patient needs more frequent transplantation, the DHI hair transplantation technique will be more functional. It is mandatory to shave the hair before applying the FUE technique. However, when applying the DHI technique, it is sufficient to shave only the donor area.
Is There Any Scar After Dhi Hair Transplantation?
There is always a fear of scarring after hair transplantation. However, there will be no scars after the procedure carried out by an experienced team in this field. If a specially trained and experienced team about the DHI technique performs the procedure, there is no scar in the patient after the application.
Can Dhi Hair Transplantation Be Done for the Second Time?
Dhi hair transplantation is not just a one-time procedure. DHI hair transplantation can also be done for the second time. When making the second application, there must be at least 6 months between the first application. If you have had hair transplantation with this technique before and you want more effective results, you can have it done again.
When Are DHI Hair Transplant Results Seen?
Dhi hair transplantation is not an application that will see immediate results. It takes time for the effect to be seen in this application. After at least 4-6 months, half the results will begin to be seen. The patient should wait for 12-18 months to see full results.
What are the Points to Be Considered After Dhi Hair Transplantation?
Of course, there are points to be considered after Dhi Hair Transplantation. It is necessary to protect from the sun. There may be some pain though. An average of 3 days should be waited for washing after DHI hair transplantation. But since the application is made with very fine-tipped needles, it does not cause much damage to the scalp. After Dhi hair transplantation, scars and cuts do not occur. Therefore, the recovery period after dhi hair transplantation is very short.
How Long Is Dhi Hair Transplant Recovery Time?
We can say that the healing process of Dhi Hair Transplantation is an average of one week. This period may be shorter when you take into account the advice of your specialist and protect the transplanted skin properly. The crusted skin falls off within 5-6 days after DHI hair transplantation. Between the 15th and 21st days, the shedding slows down and ends. After the 3rd month, it becomes visible that new hair grows.
Is DHI Hair Transplant Expensive?
DHI hair transplantation is a sensitive hair transplantation technique that should be done meticulously. DHI hair transplant prices vary from person to person. Factors such as the number of hair follicles and the width of the area to be applied cause changes in prices.
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