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As the SM hair Clinic family, we believe that our patients deserve the best of everything. We demonstrate our patient-oriented approach and impeccable quality at every stage.

SM Hair Clinic is among the leading hair transplant clinics in Turkey and in the world with its team of over 10 years of experience and has always made it a goal to use the most advanced technology, to provide quality and reliable health services in the field of hair transplantation.

SM Hair Clinic, where more than 4,500 operations have been performed since its establishment, was founded by Hair transplant specialist Şefika May.

Today, there are many reasons for you to have your treatments at SM Hair Clinic, which provides health services in the international arena and is deemed worthy of many awards.

Why Choose Us?
With our system, where we prioritize patient comfort and wishes, we bring our patients from many parts of the world, especially from Europe and the Middle East, together with accurate and reliable health services. We demonstrate our patient-oriented approach and impeccable quality at every stage. Thanks to the experience of our professional team and our advanced technology, we perform successful hair, beard and eyebrow transplantation and offer other hair loss treatments. We prioritize sterilization and hygiene in our operations.
Our Mission
As SM Hair Clinic, our most important mission is to be a leading, pioneering and valuable Hair Transplantation Clinic, where all our patients will entrust themselves to us with a sense of complete confidence, where we can respond professionally to their requests, and also to be a leading and valuable Hair Transplant Clinic, keeping up with the latest technology, simultaneously with the whole world. to keep up with developments.
Our Vision
Our vision is to provide services in accordance with national and international standards in the field of hair transplantation and to be an international Hair Transplant Clinic based on patient satisfaction, respectful to the environment, and professional ethics. We always aim to maximize the satisfaction of the patients, without deviating from the quality management system, while getting the patients' hair as they dreamed.
SM Hair Clinic

As SM Hair Clinic, we are committed to improving and renewing hair transplantation techniques throughout our professional journey to optimize results and further satisfy patients.

Expert teamHair transplantation operations are carried out completely under the supervision of a doctor with a certified team of experts in their work..

Equipped ClinicOur clinic, where we carry out transplantation operations, is equipped and reliable in accordance with European standards.

Lifetime WarrantyAll procedures performed within SM Hair Clinic are covered by a lifetime warranty.

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