Organic Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation application that enriches hair follicles with organic oil stem cells

Organic hair transplant is a method in which stem cells from the fatty tissue of the patient's own are injected into the scalp. This approach stimulates the recipient area and therefore transplanted Follicular Units (FU) from the donor area stay alive and the new hair coming out is healthy. Fluid with a feature rich in stem cells allows efficient operation during transplant and plays an important role in transferring FUs from donor in a much easier way.

Difference between organic and normal hair transplant?

In the traditional hair transplantation, FUs are removed from areas where healthy hair roots are located and transplanted in hairless areas. However, the fact that baldness is caused by the lack of adequate hair growth quality in this area (the recipient area) is ignored. The absence of almost anything to feed the hair cells in the recipient area reduces the possibility of successful regrowth after the procedure. The organic hair transplantation method aims to feed the scalp, thereby strengthening the newly planted follicules and to have a much higher regrowth rate.

In the traditional hair transplant procedure, various chemicals are injected into the recipient area. Since the injected fat tissue is a factor that facilitates hair growth, there is no need to inject chemicals into the recipient area in organic hair transplant procedure.

Organic Hair Transplant

Organic Hair Transplant Procedure, how it’s done

Organic hair transplant is a way to achieve much more effective results than other hair transplant methods. In this method, the fat from the patient's own tissue is injected into the sterilized skin after it is enriched with stem cells. The injection site gets swollen, tissues are fed hence better results achieved. After this operation, extracted FUs are being transplanted into this area.

This method serves nicely to increase the number of total regrowth after procedure, as well as to create a more natural appearance. This is because the mixture prepared using the fat from the patient is feeding the scalp tissue, preparing the recipient area for the regrowth, making the transplant process easier. The use of patient's own fat, allowing natural feeding without any chemicals. Organic hair transplant is considered the most effective method of choice for more vivid and long-lasting transplant method.

Organic Hair Transplant

Recovery after organic hair transplant

Recovery after organic hair transplant is shorter than other hair transplant methods. Natural scabbing that occurs due to transplant will heal much faster. This is because the fatty and nutritious mixture delivered to the tissues makes the scalp tissue heal faster. Since the area is getting fatty before procedure, irritation and redness/rash can also be partially prevented.

After an organic hair transplant, suggestions are; not be laid on the recipient area for 2 weeks, taking care not to make any contact with materials such as pillows and quilts, avoiding from all types of sports activities for the first 2 weeks. Although hair can be shortened with scissors 2 weeks after the operation, it should be good to wait for at least 45 days for trimmers. While washing, hair should be treated gently during the washing process and no towel drying.

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