Painless Hair Transplant

It is a hair transplant method that is generally performed using local anesthesia.

One of the transplant techniques frequently preferred by individuals with hair loss and balding issues is painless hair transplant. Painless hair transplant is a process of four basic stages. These are local anesthesia, extraction, incision and transplanting.

Local Anesthesia in Hair Transplant

This stage is the key to the painless hair transplant. During exraction or harvest from donor, the Follicular Units (FUs) must be cut and separated using a micro-motor, along with very fine skin around them. Anesthesia is applied before this operation in Painless Hair Transplant and therefore no pain is present during the harvest. This anesthesia can be administered by two different methods, local anesthesia with needle and local anesthesia with sedation. In non-needle local anesthesia, anesthetic factor is being delivered to subcutaneous area by using special pressure devices. In the case of local anesthesia with sedation, anesthetic medicine is being delivered by an intravenous (IV) injection.

Painless Hair Transplant, How?

Anesthesia makes the operation much more comfortable. Healthy FUs with least possibility for hair loss in the donor area are separated and extracted from the skin with cylindrical cuts using a micro-motor. Then incisions are being delivered into the recipient area. These incisions determines the success and quality of the operation. Therefore, the incisions where FUs/grafts are to be transplanted must be done with utmost care and experience in terms of angle and direction. And then comes transplanting the grafts into these incisions. At this stage care is important to transplant single-hair grafts and multi-hair grafts into respective incisions. Generally single-hair grafts transplanted into front row incisions is considered the best way to provide natural look for the patients.

Who is suitable for painless hair transplant?

Painless hair transplant is ideal for individuals having below issues;

  • Low pain treshold
  • Needle phobia
  • Hypertension and cardiac conditions
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Tomophobia (fear of surgery)
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