Glutathione Treatment

Glutathione treatment, which contains the secrets of healthy and long life

Glutathione, main anti-oxidant produced by the body plays an important role in skin regeneration. Lack of anti-oxidants like glutathione speeds up collagen loss. When collagen supplied skin quality and elasticity are enhanced, wrinkles are prevented. Hairs, nails and joints are affected positively. Glutathione has anti-aging function, it balances skin color and gives the skin shiny vivid look. While collagen prevents cosmetic part of aging Glutathione slows down the skin aging process with its anti-oxidant function by protecting the body from the unhealthy effects of free radicals. 

Glutathione, a peptide composed of three amino acids is considered to hold the secrets of long and healthy life. It helps neutralize free radicals and reactive toxic materials continuously emerging from the body. Being a really effective anti-oxidant glutathione is the molecule protecting the body from many illnesses.

Free radicals in the body have a massive effect, causing age related illnesses besides chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, cardiovascular disorders. Glutathione treatment helps prevent such diseases. With its strong detox posture glutathione protects and strengthen the body’s immune system against those free radicals.

Glutathione Treatment, How?

In order to increase glutathione, and use it actively IV (intravenous) application is the best approach. By doing so, supplied glutathione directly mixes to blood circulation. The treatment is completed in 5 weeks, 1 session per week. Each session takes 15 minutes. After the sessions, patient can follow a daily routine. 

Glutathione treatment, Who is not suitable?

Individuals receiving active radiotherapy and chemotherapy for their cancer treatments are not allowed to receive glutathione treatments during cancer treatments. After they finish their cancer treatments glutathione could help for fast recovery.

Because there is the lack of enough clinical research glutathione treatment is not being delivered to children and to women during pregnancy and lactation period.

Benefits of Glutathione treatment?

  • -Supports immune system by protecting the body from harmful free radicals
  • .-Decreases reactive oxygen which might cause DNA damage. Reactive oxygen is considered to be the main reason for cancer, brain damage and inflammation.
  • -Decreases muscular and joint pain.
  • -Regenerates the skin, makes the skin shiny.
  • -Slows down the aging process.
  • -Decreases negative effects caused by Type, 2 Diabetes and insulin resistance.
  • -Increases sleep quality.
  • -Actively contributing to Alzheimer’s treatment. Decreases and minimizes the effects emerging from existing Alzheimer’s.

Glutathione treatment, side effects?

There is no known side effect regarding glutathione treatments. Being naturally present in the body, glutathione treatment is just about increasing the amount of glutathione and therefore no side effect is possible. Accordingly, no side effect or complication is to be expected after a treatment. Still, as it should be always, each patient should be assessed separately for this instance.

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