Eyebrow Transplantation

An application for people who experience eyebrow shedding and eyebrow loss.

Eyebrows, when in harmony with other facial elements, create an attractive look and determine the characteristic appearance of the face. Loss of eyebrow hairs could cause aesthetic concerns, especially for females. Skin diseases affecting eyebrow hair roots, excessive eyebrow plucking, permanent makeup, alopecia, stress, chemotherapy treatments might cause eyebrow loss. It is very common to do eyebrow transplants in the cases of thinning, loss or for a stronger eyebrow look.

Hair transplant is delivered transferring grafts from other parts of the body to thinned or exposed eyebrow area. In order to gain a natural look after the procedure, there are certain things to be done. Scalp hairs make 45 degrees to the skin surface, whereas eyebrow hairs make 10-15 degrees. Ensuring these angles is utmost important. When these angles are wrong, eyebrows will grow down words or in a way which will result an unnatural look. 

Eyebrow Transplant, How?

The very first thing before the procedure is to shave the donor to 1 mm. Harvest is generally being done in the lower part of donor where thinner grafts matching eyebrow hairs are usually present. After sterilisation and local anesthesia grafts are extracted using a micro - motor with the smallest punch diameter. Multi-hair grafts are not suitable for eyebrows therefore single-hair grafts are to be collected. Following customized eyebrow design transplant is delivered either with FUE/Sapphire or DHI/Choi pens. Direction and angle are the key factors in order to achieve a natural look.  

Who is suitable for Eyebrow Transplant?

  • Individuals who are not pleased with their current eyebrow look,
  • Individuals who require correction to their eyebrow design,
  • Individuals who want abundant eyebrows,
  • Naturally thinned eyebrows and/or thinned eyebrows from other causes,
  • Eyebrow loss conditions (for the ones there is no regrowth 1-2 years after the loss)

Single-hair grafts should be present in the back scalp. The individual should be in healthy condition to receive local anesthesia for the procedure. This procedure should not be delivered during pregnancy and lactation period. 

Before Eyebrow Transplant

An examination before the procedure is a must. Once the patient is cleared for transplant procedure, recipient area is determined together with eyebrow design and the total number of grafts to be used. All these are customized to the patient in order to deliver a natural eyebrow look hence satisfaction to the individual.

Recovery After Eyebrow Transplant

Tiny little scabs present in the transplanted eyebrows are fairly normal. They will disappear naturally in a short while after the procedure therefore no interaction for removing scabs is advised. Transplanted grafts will start to shed approximately 15 days after transplant and this process will last roughly 3 months. After this period, permanent regrowth will start and eyebrows will reach their final shape after 7-8 months.

Because the grafts are coming from the rear scalp they tend to grow faster than eyebrow hairs therefore they should be trimmed regularly after the procedure. They will naturally adapt to eyebrow environment 1 year after the operation.  

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