PRP Hair Treatment

Treatment of restoring slowed cell regeneration with plasmas

PRP is the short form of Platelet-Rich Plasma, a treatment of blood plasma rich of thrombocyte. Basic operation is to draw a certain amount of blood from the patient and to prepare/separate the plasma. Then this plasma is injected into body tissues. An effective treatment for skin regeneration and prevention of hair loss. Not only for such medical aesthetic problems PRP can also be administered for the treatment of muscles, joints, connective tissues and tendons.

PRP scalp treatment helps individuals having weak and/or thinned hairs gain healthier and abundant hairs. It is one the most effective treatments to prevent hair loss. The procedure aims to repair hair roots by injecting the plasma under scalp skin.

It is less likely to observe complications and allergies after a PRP treatment simply because the plasma is derived from the individual’s own blood. In a short while after the procedure hairs start to revive while the scalp tissue and hair roots are being repaired. 

PRP Scalp Treatment, How?

Drawing blood from the patient is the first step of PRP scalp treatment, then Red Blood Cells (RBC) are separated by microfiltration and centrifuge. This ends up preparing the plasma rich platelets. This plasma is then injected under the scalp tissue in order to repair hair roots and surrounding tissues. The treatment takes roughly 30 minutes with no pain present.

Who is suitable for PRP Scalp Treatment?

PRP scalp treatment is ideal for below conditions;

  • Male pattern hair loss,
  • Low hair volume,
  • Thinning hairs.

PRP should not be administered to; females during their pregnancy and lactation period, individuals received/receiving cancer treatments and the ones using blood thinners. 

Benefits of PRP Scalp Treatment?

PRP helps repair weak and thinned hairs. Hair roots get thicker and presents more volume after the treatment. In addition to this PRP helps; prevent hair loss, revives hair follicles, stimulate dormant follicles for regrowth, repair scalp tissues and encourage regrowth as a whole.

The treatment generally requires a 2-4 week period for 3-5 sessions. It is likely to observe the results in the following 3-4 weeks.  

Recovery after PRP Scalp Treatment

Patients can continue their daily routine immediately after the session. No clinical complications reported so far. Hairs can be washed in regular pattern provided that there are no pain and irritation after the treatment. No dying and perming is allowed for 72 hours. Hair chemicals should be avoided as they likely could cause irritations and complications. 

PRP Hair Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Does hair treatment with Prp have any side effects, will I have an allergic problem?
Prp process is made from platelets in your own blood and has no side effects as it is your blood. It is an extremely safe treatment.
What happens if I do hair treatment with Prp less than 3 sessions?
If you do hair treatment with Prp less than the recommended 3 sessions, you will reduce the maximum benefit you can get, there is no problem other than that.
Is it very painful during hair treatment with Prp?
Unfortunately, local anesthesia cannot be applied for the Prp procedure, but by applying a local anesthesia device and cooling sprays, we perform the injection process more painlessly than usual, still some pain is felt.
Can I continue my daily life after hair treatment with Prp?
After hair treatment with Prp, you can return to your normal life without any problems. You will be reminded of the issues to be considered after the treatment.
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