Postoperative Hair Washing

Post Operative Hair Wash

After the hair transplantation is completed, you start to wash your hair on the third day. In this process, you should wash your hair with warm water at least once a day for 15 days without interruption. The crusting seen after sowing usually falls off after 10-12 days.

In our clinic, you are given a special solution after hair transplantation. Starting from the third day after the procedure, this solution should be sprayed 2-3 times a day on the hair transplant area until the solution is finished. This process helps to keep the transplanted area moist.

First Week and Second Week

Post Operative Hair Washing

1. STEP Lotion Application

The emollient lotion you apply in the first two weeks accelerates the regeneration process of the cells in your scalp. It is also effective in softening the crusting in the planting area by keeping your skin moist.

Donor Area and Recipient Area: After the operation, you need to apply the lotion to the transplanted area and the selected donor area. It will be enough to cover both areas by dripping 7-8 drops while processing. After applying the lotion, you should wait between 45-60 minutes. You can then rinse your hair with warm water. You have to be meticulous when applying the lotion. For this, you should apply lotion in the same direction as the transplanted grafts. We recommend applying a little more lotion on the donor area.

2. STEP Shampoo Application

We recommend a special medical shampoo after hair transplantation. This shampoo helps to remove the crusts seen in the area and accelerate the healing process.

After 30-45 minutes after lotion application, you can wash as recommended.

When using the recommended medical shampoo, you should first create foam on your hands. Then, you should lather both the transplanted area and the donor area slowly, trying to stay gentle without rubbing.

Then wait for 2-3 minutes and rinse your hair.

STEP 3 Rinse

Try not to use pressurized hot water when washing your hair. During the application, you should definitely prefer warm water. Take care not to use a shower head while showering. You can pour water on your hair with the help of a bowl. You should make sure that you rinse the shampoo well in your hair.

STEP 4 Drying

We recommend that you do not use a towel while drying your hair after a shower. By turning on the cold air mode of the hair dryer, you can dry it by keeping it at a certain distance.

Third and Fourth Week

Crusting may still continue for 20-30 days after FUE hair transplantation. In this case, apply 12-15 drops of lotion to the transplanted area and keep it for 2 hours. After the lotion application, after washing with the recommended shampoo, gently massage the area in order to remove the crusts.

You can repeat the process we have mentioned every day until the crusts go away. As soon as you get rid of the crusts, you can stop using the lotion. You should continue to wash with the shampoo we recommend or a different shampoo until the completion of 1 month.

1 month after hair transplantation, the part considered as risky ends. Now you can start using a towel and return to your normal life.

A Little Reminder: It is very important that you follow the washing instructions for the first 2 weeks. After this period is completed, we want you to take a photo of your head from different angles and send it to us.

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