Hair transplantation, also known as hair transplantation; It is the process of transplanting hair follicles (grafts) taken from the hairy area extending from the upper border of both ears to the starting point of the nape, to the shed areas. It is a serious operation that must be performed by physicians. Today, when aesthetic anxiety is high, hair has a very important place visually. For this reason, you need to pay attention to hair care and hair health. Hair transplantation, which is one of the leading aesthetic applications of today, should not be focused only on aesthetics. In order for it to be a healthy practice, the person performing the procedure must have expertise and great attention should be paid to hair transplant centers under the stairs. Although the techniques are advanced, the procedures must be performed by experts and clinics who have proven themselves both in terms of health and aesthetics, in centers where sterilization conditions are appropriate, and should be personalized. In this respect, one of the things that should be considered by those who are considering a hair transplant is that the hair transplant procedure is carried out in hospitals or surgical medicine centers by staff with competence and expertise.

There are a few questions to be asked before having a hair transplant. These questions are;

  • What awaits people who decide to have a hair transplant?
  • What are the points to be considered before having a hair transplant?
  • What are the things that should not be done before the hair transplant operation?

What Awaits You Before Hair Transplant?

Before hair transplantation, you should have an idea against all possibilities and get information about the whole procedure. Before hair transplantation, you can get wrong information from your environment and social networks. Therefore, it is very important to get expert opinion about hair transplantation. You should not forget that there are many factors that affect the results of hair transplantation. Many factors such as the person's graft quality, shedding, donor area density, age, dietary habits, alcohol and smoking affect the results of hair transplantation. First of all, you should determine how much hair transplantation you need to get an accurate result in hair transplantation. You can start with the correct determination of its current opening. This evaluation should be done correctly and explained to the person in a correct and understandable way.

Things to Consider Before Hair Transplant Operation:

  • If possible, you should quit smoking 1 week before the operation. If you can't, you should try to reduce it. Remember that smoking will reduce the healing process.
  • You should stop drinking alcohol 1 week before the operation.
  • You should not consume coffee and caffeinated beverages.
  • One week before hair transplantation, you should stop consuming green tea.
  • You should inform the physicians who will perform hair transplantation about the medications you use for chronic (diabetes, heart, blood pressure, etc.) or acute diseases.
  • Stop using drugs that prevent clotting (heparin, aspirin, coumadin, etc.) and multivitamins 1 week before the operation. These drugs can cause an increase in bleeding.
  • Stop applying medication and lotion to your scalp and hair 1 month before the operation.
  • Wash your hair before the operation and do not use hair styling or hardening products such as gel or spray.
  • Do not forget to have breakfast before coming to the hair transplant procedure. If your operation is in the afternoon, it would be beneficial to have a light lunch before your arrival.
  • Prefer the type of clothes that will not rub against your head during wearing and take off while coming to the operation and that you can wear and take off comfortably. Wearing a shirt will be the most comfortable.
  • Be careful not to drive after hair transplantation. For this reason, if you are going to the operation from a long way with your vehicle, make sure that you have someone with you.

Hair Transplant Process and General Information

Hair removal has become one of the most popular operations today. Men and women with sparse hair, who do not want to deal with shedding problems, who want permanent results, who are not satisfied with their current hair, and who want to tighten, preferred to have a hair transplant and sought a quick solution. Although the process is long and arduous, it is not like that for the person who has the transplant. After hair transplantation, there are products that the person should pay attention to and use. In addition to the products he will use himself, there may be additional support received in the institution, and it is completely related to the request of the person. Apart from care and patience, the person does not have any difficulties or problems. Time and process are very important in hair transplantation. It's all a matter of patience, over time, the hair will come out. Over time, we see 30% in the first three months, 60% in the sixth month, and 100% after one year. Of course, the person's age, metabolic structure, genetic factors, additional care, lifestyle, professional support in the institution are all factors that change the rate and quality of hair growth.