1- What is Hair Transplantation?

To make a general definition; It is the procedure of transplanting hair follicles taken from the hairy areas of the head or other parts of the body to the bald areas. It is called by names such as hair transplantation, hair transplantation and hair transplantation.

2- How Much Are Hair Transplant Fees?

When pricing hair transplantation, the number of grafts, the technique to be used and the patient's expectations are taken into consideration. Each person is unique and this pricing can be done as a result of the preliminary examination. If you have a hair transplant at a clinic such as SM Hair Clinic, which can have the maximum graft application for hair transplantation in some periods, you will usually receive a price for this maximum graft.

3- What are the Stages of Hair Transplantation?

In fact, we have given information on this subject on many pages, but let's briefly answer the questioner. Firstly, preliminary examination, then pre-sowing examination is done, sowing is done, first washing is done after planting, controls are made. Although it may seem like a few steps, there are many rules to be followed before and after transplantation, so you need to make sure that you get professional hair transplantation service.

4- How Can I Prepare For Hair Transplantation?

Before hair transplantation, your doctor will tell you step by step what to do. Before this process, you should stop taking blood thinners. Before the operation, you should stay away from things such as coffee and energy drinks. You should definitely stop smoking as it will slow down the recovery after hair transplantation. We recommend that you do not start smoking again after hair transplantation.

5- What Happens During Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia. In this process, you are given regional anesthesia with a painless anesthesia device, and first the grafts are collected from the hairy part, then the grafts, which are kept in the organ transplant solution, are transferred to the area on your head to be transplanted. You can talk during the hair transplant and follow the operation in line with the directions of the hair transplant doctor. You will not feel pain during this time.

6- How long is the recovery period in hair transplantation?

After hair transplantation, the donor area will be covered with gold cream and bandaged if necessary. You do not need to do anything until the first wash. When you come for the first wash, the healing process will actually have already started. Thanks to the golden cream and the DHI Plus Gold technique, which does not harm the tissue, the healing will take place in 1-3 months under the control of your doctor. There is no obstacle for you to return to social life.

7- What Is Done After Hair Transplantation?

If you have had a hair transplant, you will first need to come to SM Hair Clinic for the first wash. Your first wash will be done by experts and you will be told in detail how to wash your hair. You will need to get advice from your doctor in this regard, as there may be vitamins, special shampoos and serums that you need to use afterwards. Of course, you may also need to change your lifestyle for a while. After hair transplantation, you should not lie on the area where the grafts are collected for a while, this period lasts for about 10 days.

8- How to Choose a Hair Transplantation Center?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. Therefore, you should not be affected by illegal hair transplant centers just because they are cheap. Before and after hair transplantation, they will want to paint your eyes by saying that they have guaranteed hair transplantation, you should question whether the necessary permissions are available, the history of the doctor who will do the hair transplantation, and who the team consists of. In addition, hair transplantation in a hospital environment is essential for the protection of both you and the public's health.

9- Is Hair Transplantation a Painful Procedure?

No it is not. Before hair transplantation, the head area is completely anesthetized with painless anesthesia devices. If you use the painkillers given by your doctor regularly after the transplantation, you will feel very small pain, other than that, there will be no pain during the hair transplantation. In order to prevent edema after hair transplantation, you should consume plenty of water, use the medicines given by your doctor strictly and you should not smoke.

10- Which Tests Are Performed Before Hair Transplantation?

We do a lot of testing. Blood will be taken from you before hair transplantation. Apart from basic tests such as hepatitis and AIDS, blood counts are made with this blood. Be careful not to neglect the tests done before sowing, stay away from places that want to process you without testing.